Sanded Ground® Clarifying Mud Exfoliation Mask

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Dull, lackluster skin gets a micro buff and flawless makeover with this dual-action clarifying mud exfoliation mask. Awarded Top New Skincare product by Essence magazine, and named a "New Classic" by Southern Living Magazine.

The medium-grain powdered volcanic pumice polishes-up rough skin, while Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay is cooling and refreshing for skin. Willow Bark Extract brings a clean feel that gives skin a poreless-looking finish.

This mask does not tingle when used, and can be used either as a mask (if you don’t want to scrub), exfoliator (if you want a shiny, smooth look) or both, by exfoliating and then letting the mud dry before rinsing.

Montmorillonite Clay, Organic Willow Bark extract, Pumice. 

Montmorillonite clay has a negative charge that pulls impurities away and feels toning on skin.
Pumice naturally clears dead skin cells.
Willow Bark Extract has strong astringent & clean feel.
Organic glycerin aids in moisture retention.

Recommended for dull, congested & acneic skin. 

Splash face with water and apply mask with fingertips and exfoliate gently in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water, or let mud dry and then rinse.
To use as a clarifying mask for breakouts and redness, skip the exfoliating step and only apply as a mask. Follow with a cleanser. Use 2-3 times per week.