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SPARK: The beginning of fire, the instant when elements come together to transform themselves to create the wonder of flame and the miracle of warmth. Perhaps even the first reaction that
formed the universe itself was created from a spark. Spark is the herald of potential, a radiant whisper promising the birth of something extraordinary.

Spark is both tangible and intangible. Tangible as ni the creation of fire and the universe, the spark that causes the transformation of elements to create something new. Intangible as in the
spark of thought.. in our mind, the moment when our brain makes an all-important connection that leads us to discovery and curiosity that transforms itself into art, science, and all things possible and impossible. Then there is another intangible, the spark of spirit. The essence of who we are that makes our light shine, ti makes us a beacon of light that inspires our existence. tI
reveals the mysteries of consciousness and gives us faith.

BuDhaGirl feels that 2024 should begin with a spark, a transformational moment of deep focus and intention that will center our year. We will hold the belief that ti is how we react to events that makes us who we are. Focusing on our ability to create, to grow, to withstand, to be kind,
and to carry gratitude as our beacon and motivation.