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Gorgeous agate beads in pink create our Corazon beaded bracelet. Corazon means heart in Spanish and our Corazon bracelets have just that…a lot of heart. Gold filigree puff hearts are finished with complimentary tiny agate stones matching the bracelet beads.

A wristscape of love is what you will have when you combine these with Gold AWB®, BDG Pink AWB®, or the magical Rose Gold AWB®.

Handcrafted in the US. One size fits most.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Adorn yourself with the Corazon Bracelet, feeling the texture of the agate beads against your skin. As you do, imagine the bracelet as a symbol of heartful connections. Take a moment to reflect on the love you carry within and the connections you share. Then... Go. Be it.

Thought: "Love is the bridge between you and everything." Rumi