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BuDhaGirl’s Lotus blend tea is crafted specifically for celebrating a new day and infusing
it with the energy and vibrancy because of its green tea base. Green tea undergoes
minimal oxidation maintaining high antioxidant levels that produce incredible health
benefits and it is also a medium-level caffeine tea, for a little morning get-up-and-go!

Our Lotus blend tea then combines cinnamon, another antioxidant. Stevia Leaf for a bit
of sweetness. Orange Peel for a touch of citrus zing. Green Yerba Mate for added
energy. Eleuthero Root another natural energy driver. Schisandra Berries for vitality.
Raspberries for Vitamin C and also contain anti-inflammatory properties, and we finish
with an extra punch of other Mixed Berries for a wonderful fresh morning bouquet.

To prepare:

  • Place a BuDhaGirl Lotus Blend Sachet in 6-8 ounces of boiling water (212degrees) for 3 minutes.
  • While you wait for your tea to brew, we suggest you take a mindful journey by thinking about what it took for you to enjoy this tea.
  • Linger in a place of gratitude, for this little sachet is the work of many and a gift from Mother Nature.
  • May you have a beautiful day.