Labradorite Calista Cuff

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In mythology, Calista was so beautiful that even Zeus could not resist her, and her namesake gold cuff bracelet is equally irresistible. Hand-crafted gold-dipped brass is formed into a delicate ellipse to mold exquisitely onto your wrist. Adorned with three crystal eyes, our gold cuff, Calista, reminds you that our third eye, that of intuition is so important and must not be ignored. The crystal eyes are available in all 12 birthstone colors: Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, Emerald, Pink Moonstone, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Hematite, Citrine, and Tanzanite. Four tiny clear crystals surround each eye to complete a darling gold cuff bracelet for women.

Our Calista Gold Cuff is made in India exclusively for BuDhaGirl. One size fits most.

Mindful Glamour Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Focus on your third eye, your intuition. What is it telling you today? Listen carefully. Then…Go. Be it.

Thought: “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Albert Einstein