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BuDhaGirl was founded ten years ago and very soon after we heard a few rumblings from men. How was it that we did not offer men’s products? Although some brave men did wear our women’s-sized All Weather Bangles (many times not being able to take them off again!), we simply couldn’t find what we thought to be something truly special and marvelous…until now.

Introducing BuDhaHomme...

Mindful Magnetism guides you to bring ritual into your daily life through brief moments of focus and reflection, it is the equivalent of our women’s Mindful Glamour®.

Our debut collection is comprised of handcrafted treasures from some of the world’s most interesting places. From the Himalayas to the Mexican Sierra our BuDhaHomme Men's products are touched by artisans whose craftsmanship has been refined across generations. 

Elegant, simple, easy to wear is the ethos of BuDhaHomme. The products become reminders during your day if you have chosen to set your intentions with the morning ritual and will become talismans of gratitude in the evening.

Maximalist? Minimalist? Either way, you are going to be magnetic. Our BuDhaHomme Men's Tzubbie (pronounced chubbie) Graphite All Weather Bangle has all the qualities of AWB: waterproof, soundless, weightless & TSA proof. This single orb is made for those who want the ultimate statement piece. A wealth of our signature lush gold leaf is captured in our voluminous polyvinyl carbonate tubing sealed with our signature Serenity prayer bead. Imagine setting your daily intentions with this beauty.

Homme Graphite Tzubbie All Weather Bangle is 9mm in thickness.

Handcrafted in Thailand by incredibly amazing artisans.

Each Homme Graphite Tzubbie All Weather Bangle is made by a team of 20+ artisans, each bangle is hand made, each is a labor of love. AWBs are made with organic products, at times a slight color differentiation might occur, this is only natural as humidity and temperature conditions do affect the outcome. Our Serenity Prayer Bead is made with uncoated brass which as time goes by, might develop a verdi-gris patina. Our point is that Homme Graphite Tzubbie All Weather Bangle is a product that will age, develop character, and will remain beautiful...just like our BuDhaHommes.


Homme Graphite Tzubbie All Weather Bangle is Men's Sizing. Please make sure you have selected the correct size by viewing the size guide.


Mindful Magnetism Ritual: Pause. Breathe. Slip on your Homme Graphite Tzubbie All Weather Bangle with complete focus on this moment of setting your daily intention; believing that today will take you closer to your desired outcome. Then...Go. Be it.

Thought: "A rose is honored for its beauty, not its size." Matshona Dhliwayo