Empowered Eau de Parfum

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  • Description
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    Empowered 08/1920, a milestone in the pursuit of equality, American women gained the right to vote with the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. After nearly a century of struggle, these relentless women shaped the future of generations to follow.

    Design Details
    Each box celebrates stories of dauntless women who’ve left their mark on this world through boundary-breaking achievements, highlighted by throwback graphics and bold, contemporary design for a fresh sophistication. Uplifting bursts of vibrant accent colors & dynamic patterns are discovered upon unboxing, completed with colorful metallic detailing & magnetic closure for a modern, sleek feel in-hand. Includes an upbeat inspiration card for your mirror or wallet—a reminder of the infinite beauty that lies within.
  • Fragrance Notes
    Clarity + Focus: Orange Blossom + Cardamom

    Take charge. Inspiring strength and groundbreaking momentum. Exotic Orange Blossom joins robust, earthy Cardamom for an undeniable presence, unique and powerful. Divinely modern botanicals play up your unique essence, leaving much more than fragrance in your wake.
  • Good to Know
    Vegan / Never Animal Tested / Gluten Free / Paraben Free / Care Free
  • Specifications
    Fill Weight
    1.69 fl oz / 50 ml