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Clear Crystal
Aqua Chalcedony

BuDhaGirl’s Dome Ring is a classic reinvented. First seen in Florence and worn by the Medici women, this “Dome” style ring has been a favorite for centuries. Our Dome Ring is modern interpretation of the dome, gently carved and flanked by contrasting crystals. It is absolutely a perfect addition to your ringscape. Combine it with your own gold bands. It’s really all about the ring stack. Available in Black, Aqua Chalcedony, and Clear Crystal. Handcrafted in India.

Size 7 ONLY

Mindful Glamour Ritual:  Pause. Breathe. Gently slide the ring on your finger and reflect on a dome of protection for your day.

Thought:"The earth is my altar, the sky is my dome, mind is my garden, the heart is my home and I'm always at home - yea, I'm always at Om." Eden Ahbez