Bundle up with: a Blanket Scarf!


Brrrr! Baby, it’s cold outside! This is one of the best times of the entire year. The weather is cooler, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are turning into peppermint mochas, the stores are staying open later, and the fireplaces are crackling with sheer brightness and delight. There is no better time than now to add a blanket scarf to your wardrobe. Not only are they incredibly versatile, but they are beyond cozy and comfortable! At Maripoza Boutique, we love fashion that doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort to stay in style. And pssst…. the blanket scarf would make an absolutely fabulous gift for this upcoming holiday season! Don’t miss out on the hottest trend right now. Below are a few inspiring ways to style your scarf in true Maripoza fashion!

Long and Draped

This is the look that is ideal for a Texas Fall day: not too cold, but you still want to look your absolute Fall best. This is ideal to pair with a long tunic, a great pair of leggings, and ankle boots. First, take your scarf and fold it “hot dog style” aka long ways. You can even fold it as a long triangle and create a rolling effect. Once you have your desired width, just drape it around your neck and let it cascade against the front of your shirt. This is a great look to stay in style and to highlight the gorgeous patterns of the scarf. We love completing this look with leggings and ankle boots. If you are looking to stay chic during an outdoor outing but it’s not cold enough to wear an infinity scarf or even a utility or bomber jacket, the blanket scarf worn long and draped is an ideal fashion move this season.

Waterfall Effect

We called this look the “waterfall effect” because of the way it is worn; delicately layered across the front of your top, sweater or dress. This is also a fabulous way to rock the blanket scarf underneath a jacket on a super crisp day. How to wear it: fold your blanket scarf in half triangle style, and you can either tie it in the back and tuck the remaining pieces underneath to create a hidden effect, or you can keep draping until you have reached the ultimate length and tiered effect that you desire. Top this look off with a great pair of sparkly earrings, jeans, a sweater and some riding boots. This is a gorgeous look for daytime to look absolutely chic and put together with minimal effort.

Poncho Style

So beyond obsessed with this style! This is a great way to stay warm indoors this Fall and Winter. We could see ourselves wearing this to church, dinner, or even the movies. Easily taken from outdoor to indoor, this look can be worn in a myriad of ways and so elegantly as well. How to wear it: Start out with an outfit that involves a dress or tunic, leggings or tights, a great pair of boots, and then ever so gently, drape your blanket scarf around your shoulders. It has enough material to be worn open with enough material as well to slightly show a little arm. This look would also be amazing with a long sleeved shirt, jeans, and riding boots or even Yosi flats.

Campfire Cozy

This look is by far the most popular way to wear your blanket scarf. Are you going to be outdoors this season, enjoying maybe a hay ride or a trip to Santa’s Wonderland? Maybe you’ll be at an outdoor Christmas wedding, or a Thanksgiving feast al fresco. Whatever is on your social calendar, be prepared with a blanket scarf worn our Campfire Cozy way! The best thing about this scarf is that it packs incredibly well, so you can pack it in your tote for later in the evening when the sun goes down. How to wear it: fold your scarf in half triangle style, and drape around your neck. There is no precise way to wear it, as long as you are bundled up cozy, and maybe topped off with a yummy hot beverage! We like the ends of the scarf exposed in this look, but this is a great way to make this look your own.

Beautifully Belted

One of our favorite ways to wear this look: belted, of course! If you have been following Maripoza Boutique for a while, you know that belting outfits has to be just one of many of our favorite past times. This is a great look to stay chic, put together and classy, but not a lot of work has to go into perfecting it! We love it even for tailgating, going to a sporting event, or even an outdoor dinner or lunch. It’s a great day time look but can easily be transitioned into night with the right ensemble pieces. Try pairing it with jeans for daytime, and then at night switching to skinny black pants or even sequined leggings to get a little holiday festive! Just like our poncho style, you wear this look with the scarf in it’s blanket state, draped over your body. Pull the material down more towards the front of your body so the back of your outfit is more exposed, and pair your favorite belt high waisted around your waist. Voila! Perfect look for anything on your holiday calendar!

Whatever your events are on your calendar, one fact is for sure: the blanket scarf travels well. Holiday time always requires travel, whether by plane, boat, car, or train, it’s bound to be chilly! Be prepared and try out a few different styles. They can make any outfit festive in less than five minutes, and they also make fabulous gifts. Don’t forget to visit us on our website at www.maripozaboutique.com where we have so many different styles to choose from! And as always, we made a playlist for all things COZY! Be sure to check that out on Spotify HERE and to follow us on Spotify as well for all the latest and greatest tunes this Holiday season.

We love you, fashionistas! Stay classy and happy shopping! XOXO