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Dress Like Your Favorite Gilmore

Unless you’ve been living under a rock away from civilization, you know that the number one TV show on everyone’s must Netflix and chill list is Gilmore Girls, and we absolutely can’t wait for the revival! We’ve been captured with Lorelai and Rory’s witty banter, wordy humor, the fabulous (and amazingly year round) Autumn charm of Stars Hollow, and the most important part: the relationships that lead us through seven different seasons as both Lorelai and Rory navigate through lives together as mother and daughter, as well as being best friends. Whether you’re team Jess, Logan or Dean (we won’t judge if it’s Dean), there is a little something for everyone of all ages to enjoy with Gilmore Girls. And with that in mind, who wouldn’t want to also dress like a Stars Hollow Citizen?! Below are our favorite characters, and specific ways you can channel each and every one of them.

Rory Gilmore

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Oh Rory, we love you. We’ve watched her grow from her first day of Chilton to her graduation at Yale, and now in the revival we get to be filled in on so many more Rory adventures. Rory’s style has always evolved, granted she did emerge on Gilmore as a junior in high school, but as an audience we’ve watched her go from preparatory school princess to classy Ivy League school lassie. When I think of Rory Gilmore I think of scarves, headbands, sweaters, that iconic yellow backpack, and of course her Chilton uniform. Goals for Christmas: layer like Rory! Pair a blanket scarf with your favorite peacoat, rock a low half up half down pony, bonus points for the backpack! Don’t forget to jam out to the Bangles or the Clash, and watch out for deer while driving!

Lorelai Gilmore

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Lorelai is the mom we hope to be for our daughters one day. She’s resourceful, obsessed with coffee and tequila (who isn’t), she named her dog after a famous musician, and runs a stellar B&B with her bestie. She has the perfect balance of friend and mom, and also the best wardrobe. To channel your inner Lorelai, you can be stylish no matter what the day throws at you. Whether you’re busy running errands like the episode where Lorelai opens the Dragonfly Inn and doesn’t have time to get her hair done, or you’re dolled up but still understated in the best way in a tee, you will always capture the room’s attention with your bold sense of self, just like Lore herself.

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Paris Geller

Paris Geller is one of those girls who is brutally honest to the point of actually being borderline scary at times, and we love her for it. Starting out as Rory’s main competition at Chilton turned BFF on spring break during their stint at Yale, there is never a dull moment with Paris. She’s fiery, sassy, and hilarious. Her style is always poised and put together, because she learned everything she knows from her dear Nanny. All you need is a tank top, a cardigan, and a sassy look to channel your inner Paris.

Luke Danes

We would love nothing more than to start our morning off at Luke’s, with a pot of hot coffee, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fries on the side like a true Gilmore would order. He’s always around whenever Lorelai needs help on her home, her love life, whenever she needs a ride like getting Rory a mattress all the way from Stars Hollow to Yale, and back again 3 times in the same day. Luke is reliable, and his style is the same way. Except for the date nights where he gets a little fancy, he is always seen with his backwards hat and trusty flannel.

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Sookie St. James

Sookie St. James brings flavor to Stars Hollow with her delicious cooking! She is Lorelai’s BFF, she’s married to a man who works in produce, and she runs the finest kitchen in Stars Hollow. She is quirky and passionate about her job, and has a tight knit relationship with Lorelai throughout the entirety of the show. Dress like Sookie by wearing a Ban.do Twist Scarf or a bandana, a chef coat, and a smile!

Emily Gilmore

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Emily is full of manners, sass, and loves to throw amazing parties in her fabulous mansion. She is the epitome of Ivy League wealth and loves to flaunt it to all of her friends. However, she has a soft side and a killer personality. With her one liners and her back and forth verbal repertoire with her daughter Lorelai, Emily is by far the backbone of Gilmore Girls. Friday night dinners at Emily’s always mean a black tie affair with martinis and dinner is served sharply at seven o’clock. Until the day that her husband (and Lorelai’s dad) Richard’s mother passes away, and Emily crumbles from the stress and pressure of perfection. Cocktail hour takes on a whole new meaning! Our favorite way to indulge like Emily is to throw on a kimono, grab the whiskey and have at it.

Lane Kim

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Lane Kim: the secret drummer and rock star! Lane is the coolest friend in the world. Rory and her go way back, and share absolutely everything with each other. Lorelai always welcomes Lane over to practice drums, since she can’t at home. Mrs. Kim will always disapprove! But this is one outfit she would approve of. Glasses and a denim jacket is modest enough for Mrs. Kim AND Adam Brody’s liking, but also screams secret emo/indie fanatic. Just look under Lane’s floorboards for the whole spectrum of rock albums, from any era!

Dean Forester

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Dean was the best first boyfriend Rory could have ever asked for. He was attentive, kind, and even built her a car! He worked at Doose’s Market, a super independent grocery store in Stars Hollow. Rory breaks his heart throughout the entirety of the show, in total savage Rory fashion. Here we channeled Dean’s look from season 1, happier times before Rory put his heart through a blender.

Jess Mariano

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Oh, Jess! We love you. You’re the perfect combination of a total genius, but also a complete bad boy. We just hate that you ditched Rory in your younger years without saying goodbye. TWICE. But we aren’t keeping track or anything. Bad boys of course wear leather jackets and have a face that says “whatever, I do what I want.” So we channeled Jess in his prime!

Logan Huntzberger

Logan was one of those guys that every girl dreams about. He’s adventurous, spontaneous, and can turn the charm on in an instant. The only thing not adventurous about Logan is his fashion sense. He keeps it super chill in a plain tee the majority of the time, when he’s not wearing a tuxedo in the life and death brigade.

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Whatever character you channel, remember that where you lead, we will follow! Be sure to tag your Gilmore outfits with the hashtag #MPGOESGILMORE for the ultimate revival fun ~ let’s make it trend! Jam out to our GILMORE PLAYLIST and be sure to also follow us on Spotify for the latest and greatest playlists for your life.

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