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Mask Sampling with Farmhouse Fresh

Is your skin absolutely parched these days and in dire need of some pampering? For me, personally, wrinkles and dry spots are slightly getting out of control. I took some time for myself this week and decided to try out a few masks from Farmhouse Fresh, a fabulous line that we carry at Maripoza Boutique, and we carry them consistently because of their quality and integrity.

The Maripoza team first heard about Farmhouse Fresh when Oprah brought them onto the scene a few years back. Since then, we tried it and are all hooked. All of their products are 88-99% all natural, vegan, sulfate- and paraben-free, and the majority of their products are also gluten-free.

As an added bonus, their company is based in Frisco, Texas just outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As fellow Texans and beauty product connoisseurs, we knew right then and there that we had to get on board with what they had to offer. Masks, cleansers, lotions, hand creams, bath bombs and full-body skin exfoliators are just a few on the extensive list of what Farmhouse Fresh has to offer the beauty junkie, not to mention their adorable packaging!

I decided to try the “Quick Recovery Face Mask Sampler” first. My skin has been beyond parched, my age spots were more abundant, and, let’s be honest, all of those years at the tanning salon (don’t even try and judge me right now because, hello, 2004, we were all there) have really taken a toll on my face. Also, I am an incredibly happy person and the wrinkles caused by my laughing are so beyond abundant, it’s uncanny.

So here we go! I loved all of these fabulous masks equally, and I know Farmhouse Fresh offers so much more. These particular masks are available as a sampler, which is perfect for gift giving with the upcoming holiday season. Avocado, tapioca and pumpkin reign supreme and will cover all skin types at different times of life.

Farmhouse Fresh Pumpkin Candle

“Guac Star” Avocado Mask

The “Guac Star” Avocado Mask was the first I sampled. If your skin is thirsty and in need of some major hydration, this is the mask of choice! I love how carefully crafted it is. It’s made with fresh avocado butter, oil and extracts. There is also Goji berry, coffee seeds and pomegranates inside. The fatty acids of the avocado actually protect the outward layer of the skin from “environmental stressors”.

Avocados are known for being full of vitamins B5, B6, K, E and C. Other minerals they possess are copper, folate and potassium. And, not only are they amazing for your body to consume, they are full of moisture for your skin! Also, if your skin is easily irritated, this mask contains green tea and another ingredient called Allantoin to keep hydration flowing all day long, even after the mask has been washed off.

I loved how amazing this mask made my skin feel. My skin is naturally dry and it felt almost as if it had a cooling agent so that when I initially put it on, it felt cool to the touch and was easy to spread. Washing this one off was easy as well. I just used a warm wash cloth and warm water to gently remove the mask after about 15 minutes. My skin instantly felt revitalized and it even smoothed out the lines around my eyes!

Framhouse Fresh Avocado Butter, Oil, and Extracts
Farmhouse Fresh Guac Star Application

“Pudding Apeel” Tapioca and Rice Active Fruit Glycolic Mask

This mask is fabulous! As the second mask I tried, I knew that Guac Star would have some competition because I was already in love. Known as an anti-aging product, this all-natural exfoliating mask is perfect for the gal that needs a little rejuvenation.

As a fan of microdermabrasion, this is the all-natural alternative! It definitely did the trick. Upon application, my skin felt a tingling sensation. I knew it was the exfoliation that was taking place! Exfoliation is great for the removal of dead skin cells, so it removes that layer of what we call “old surface cells” and adds instant rejuvenation.

In the process, Farmhouse Fresh made this particular mask with tapioca, which has an amazing B-complex that adds life to your once-sleeping skin. This particular mask also has green tea and honeysuckle to help calm irritation. Exfoliation is also great to control acne as well! I loved how quickly this mask worked. I felt like the second I washed it off, it left my skin feeling SO smooth, soft and with a healthy glow.

However, I would not recommend mixing this product with other items with exfoliating agents since your skin may become irritated. Pair it with a gentle cream cleanser and follow with a gentle moisturizer, all of which come in the Farmhouse Fresh line as well!

Farmhouse Fresh Tapioca & Rice: Fruit Extracts and Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Farmhouse Fresh Tapioca & Rice Application

“Splendid Dirt” Nutrient Mud Mask

Is your skin oily or blotchy? This mask will instantly revitalize and “calm down” that oil-like shine! This is the ULTIMATE fall mask. Hello, it’s made with Pumpkin! I instantly fell in love. This mask is full of pumpkin puree, live active yogurt cultures and bentonite clay. I had to do a little research on my bentonite clay ingredient. I know clay is great for the skin, but why?

This particular clay is known for its abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. WOW! Mixed with live active yogurt cultures that are full of probiotics, which our body absolutely needs as a defensive shield, this mask can stand alone. The smell is beyond amazing. The second I put it on my face, it felt cool to the touch and spread very evenly. As it’s paired with the “One Fine Day” face polish by Farmhouse Fresh, this is the ultimate revitalizing mask your skin has been looking for!

Farmhouse Fresh Organic Pumpkin Puree and Nutrient Muds
Farmhouse Fresh Organic Pumpkin Puree Application

If you are looking for a spa night or want to amp up your skin care routine, I highly recommend Farmhouse Fresh because of their all-natural ingredients. You can shop the collection of spa products that Maripoza offers here and, of course, we had to make a Spa Playlist for all of your relaxation needs! Enjoy!


Natalie from Maripoza Boutique