The Baseball Cap Trend 2016


The Styles You Need to Know About ASAP

Do you sense a shift in the fashion winds this season? We do! Move over beanies, there’s a “new” old trend in town: The Baseball Cap! Like a fine wine, this trend gets better with age. Gone are the days where the rules aligned with only wearing this look with Umbro shorts and Nike shoes, a la 1989. These days, the baseball cap can be worn with a multitude of looks and with everyone’s individual sense of style. So kick back, relax and get ready to plan your wardrobe accordingly! Below are six ways to rock this trend effortlessly.


By far, this is the most current “go-to” look for anyone, from college age to mom life, and everywhere in between. This look can be worn while running errands around town, catching up with an old friend at a casual brunch, movie days with the family, going to college classes, shopping, the list goes on and on. To complete this look, our favorite go-to pieces include a comfy and casual tee, yoga leggings, your favorite sneakers or birkenstocks, and a bralette. Side note: be sure to check out our collection of bralettes HERE! They are so beyond comfortable and fashionable at the same time; a true win-win situation.

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Daytime Chic

This is a great look for daytime casual, but stepped up a few notches. This is a fabulous look for traveling when you want to arrive looking effortlessly cool and chic, but you don’t want to strive for it. We love including a Maripoza Boutique suede hat with heels, a dressy top, our favorite pair of ripped denim or skinny jeans, or even a cute MuMu romper and denim jacket or chambray top, with ankle boots, sandals or wedges. The best part about this look is making it your own! Throw out the fashion rule book and pair together cute, dressy looks, and for daytime, the cap completely makes it appropriate.

How to achieve the look: take your bandana and fold it like a triangle. Let the triangle drape in front of your t-shirt and tie it in the back. Let it hang loose; the messier the better.

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The Little Black Dress

This look is Audrey Hepburn meets Jessica Biel; classy meets sporty in literally the best way! We love dressing up, but adding new ways to wear the Little Black Dress to wear the same look doesn’t get tiring. We adore the way a hat is paired with your favorite little black dress. A saucy number with a great set of faux or real pearl earrings, a low pony or hair curled. Top it off with your favorite sunnies and this look can easily go from daytime to happy hour in an instant. This look is great for the sorority girl or mom on-the-go who wants to look chic but has a lot on her plate and may not have time for a wardrobe change. We know how it can be: you plan to only be out for a little bit of time, but then soon enough, you’re blending grocery store runs or a quick pledge meeting with happy hour and then, soon enough, the day is over! This is a great “think ahead” for the day look.

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Flannel Party

The flannel is a fall basic staple, and in Texas, it isn’t truly fall weather just yet, but we love planning ahead. We are already sipping on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, decorating our homes with faux fall leaves, DIY glitter pumpkins and pinning all the fall Pinterest items. The flannel look is great for the fashionista of any age, from younger to older and everything in between! Pair your favorite flannel outfit with a fun pair of distressed denim, a black tee, Yosi Samra flats or your favorite pair of ankle boots and rock that cap like nobody’s business!

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Denim on Denim

Denim on denim always sparks the thought of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in the early 2000s decked out in their best Canadian tuxedos. However, denim on denim these days is absolutely appropriate. There are no fashion rules against it, except to have fun and own your style! We love adding a cap to complete the sportiness of this look! Whether you opt for a chambray button down, skinnies and sneakers, or maybe a denim jacket, dark frayed jeans and ankle boots, you literally cannot go wrong with adding a hat. The already laid back nature of this look will only be accentuated with a baseball cap and some fabulous lip gloss.

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The Tailgater

Like the Athleisure look, this style is laid-back and ideal for the collegiate or the sports enthusiast that still wants to look trendy and put-together. It’s easy to sport your favorite team’s hat, but why not try a solid color, paired with your favorite team’s tank, jersey or tee, some skinny jeans or leggings, sneakers and the best accessory: a smile? A hat is a great way to keep the flyaways away, AKA those pesky wispy hairs that have a mind of their own when you’re trying to take an ideal picture with your best friends in the parking lot before a big game! Tailgating is a huge part of sports and college life, and your sense of style as well as your comfort should not have to suffer. Perks: if you’re in a hurry to get ready, you can throw your hair into a low pony and put your cap on, or you can even just curl the ends of your hair quickly, and voila! You are all set for tailgating fabulousness!

We hope that this blog has inspired you to try new fashion choices, snazzy up old classics and, most importantly, we hope it makes you excited to get dressed for your days. Be sure to jam to our Spotify mix titled The "Not Your Dad's Hat" Mix, which is inspired by all hits indie and trendy. Enjoy, and until next time, remember: Maripoza Boutique… the Trends Start Here! XOXO

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