Bandanas 101


New Spins on a Timeless Accessory

Fall is right around the corner, which means transition pieces are on the horizon in the fashion marketplace. One of our favorite trends right now involves all things BANDANA! Before you start envisioning Annie Oakley and the Wild West, let Maripoza Boutique walk you through the different ways to wear this cute trend that’s sure to be relevant in 2016!

French Girl Style

French Girl Style

Oui, oui! Break out your favorite sunnies, skinny jeans and flats, and envision your long stride towards the Eiffel Tower. Nothing says chic more than this French-inspired style, a style longing to be at a Parisian cafe eating macaroons and people-watching.

How to achieve the look: take your bandana and fold it long ways to where it is a long, skinny “line”. Tie in the front with the knot casually moved towards one side in true Parisian fashion.

  • French Girl Style
  • French Girl Style

The Festival Princess

With the weather slowly beginning to cool off in the evenings, we are gearing up for our favorite music festivals this fall. A chunky circle scarf was so festival 2015, but a rock-and-roll square bandana scarf is so festival 2016! Pair this look with a vintage tee, ripped jeans or cutoffs, a middle part, some surf spray in your hair and a gauzy overlay, kimono or opened button-down chambray shirt for the perfect bohemian outfit!

How to achieve the look: take your bandana and fold it like a triangle. Let the triangle drape in front of your t-shirt and tie it in the back. Let it hang loose; the messier the better.

Ships Ahoy! East Coast Style

Nothing says “take me sailing and let me wear stripes” more than this look! It makes us want to put on a little Vampire Weekend and yacht up with our best friends, with mimosas in tow. This look is the most popular we’ve seen so far this fall, and it’s one that will be the easiest to wear!

How to achieve the look: take your bandana and fold it long ways to where it is a long, skinny “line” (like the French Girl Style). Tie a knot in the very front and voila! You are ready to “seas” the day! Optimal outfit choices for this look: a striped shirt, skinny jeans and flats. Also, this is the perfect look for a little denim-on-denim mixing this fall!

For the Hair

We love dazzling up our hairdos, and the bandana is the best way to add a chic and sophisticated touch to your outfit in a cute way. Wear your hair down and tie the bandana around the crown of your head like a festival-goer (hippie style), or wear your hair down with the bandana tied in a knot on the very top, like a headband. Also, the bandana is a great way to throw your hair in a top knot, and accessorize by adding a pop of color and style. At Maripoza Boutique, we have a variety of colors that will look amazing with any outfit!

Purse Candy

A purse is a fun way to display your latest bandana finds! It adds a pop of flare for every day, and just like the pom-pom keychains, it’s a great way to show off the fashionista that you are! Fold your bandana into a skinny “line” and tie it in a pretty knot or bow. It’s perfect for a tote bag or a school bag.

Ankle/Wrist Accessorizing

Another fantastic way to show off the bandana and incorporate it into your #OOTD is by wearing one around your wrist or ankle. You can fold it in half - and fold it in half again - so that you can create a cute bracelet or anklet. The bandana anklet looks amazing with cropped, frayed jeans and shoes like Yosi Samra ballet flats, espadrilles, cute metallic New Balance sneakers or even sandals. To wear it as a bracelet, choose a cute, three-quarter sleeved shirt, a fun vintage tee or even a tank top with a cuffed denim shirt.

  • Ankle/Wrist Accessorizing
  • Ankle/Wrist Accessorizing
  • Ankle/Wrist Accessorizing

Dress Up the Little Black Dress

We love coming up with new ways to wear your Little Black Dress! The LBD is a wardrobe staple that every woman needs to own, but sometimes it can get boring all by itself. Accessories can change the entire look, and you can easily take the LBD from day to night with the way you wear your bandana!

First of all, you can dress for the day but still be oh-so-chic with a tank top or spaghetti strap styled little black dress paired with your bandana draped or tied tight, and then pair your look with more casual shoes like sneakers or ballet flats. Throw on a denim or leather jacket once the weather gets cooler, and you are set for daytime chic! You can also easily pair it with a bohemian style bloom necklace, and drape your bandana over the necklace and let the necklace peek out from underneath.

The best part about the bandana is the millions of possible options for accessorizing. You can easily (and inexpensively) incorporate it into several different looks, and they are perfect for every type of weather! Be sure to see our selection at Maripoza Boutique, or you can shop online with us (because we ship everywhere)! Here is a super trendy playlist to rock out to while wearing your bandanas!

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You can also check out our YouTube video, Bandanas 101, where we show you a few ways to wear your bandanas!

XOXO - Maripoza Boutique