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BuDhaGirl’s Maripoza blend tea is crafted from flowers that have been pollinated by
butterflies. When we heard about this fabulous tea and the story behind it, the symbiotic relationship of butterflies and flowers…we simply had to add it to our tea lineup.

Our Maripoza blend begins with a base of coveted White tea that is naturally rich in
antioxidants. Rosehips are next elevating the immune system. Rooibos from South Africa adds more antioxidants and a roundness of flavor. Hibiscus for Vitamin C and fat
control. Rose Petals for stress reduction. Orange Peel against allergies. Stevia leaf to add a touch of sweetness. Calendula petals for healing and as an anti-microbial. And one of our favorite flavors that finishes this tea beautifully…Raspberries.

To prepare:

  • Place a BuDhaGirl Maripoza Blend Sachet in 6-8 ounces of boiling water (212 degrees) for 3 minutes.
  •  While you wait for your tea to brew think transformation. Think of caterpillar to butterfly. Think of a butterfly working from flower to flower. Think of flowers becoming the tea you are about to enjoy. Everything changes and everything transforms.