Specialty Soaps

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Angelica Herb Soap

Made from the pressed oil and dried herb of geothe...

Avocado Soap

Cleansing with the dynamic duo of avocado oil and ...

Volcanic Ash Soap

Made from the volcanic ash of geothermal Iceland's...

Gardenia French Soap

The prized flower of Chinese emperors, gardenia re...

Les Sentiments Enjoy Life Gift Soap

This citron verbena soap is a great reminder to sa...

Cream Bathing Oval

This bath oval is milk-rich and extremely emollien...

Lemon Balm Bathing Oval

This tangy lemon balm oval is clean and refreshing...

Olive Bathing Oval

This bath oval is rich with olive oil, rosemary, b...

Port Pear Bathing Oval

Sweet, ripe pears the smell is intoxicating! Relax...